The Best Gifts

Snow was falling slowly outside the windows of Floggin’ Brews.  What with the holiday decorations, the place felt like the inside of a Christmas card.  Okay, a kinky Christmas card. Boss seemed to be thoroughly enjoying Her tree.  She had added to the original red paracord decorations by finding small sparkly objects — a bottlecap, […]

Just what we need

It was a busy, busy night at Floggin’ Brews yesterday. There were two munches back-to-back in the loft, and a private party used the Theatre. The place was shaping up nicely as a neighborhood watering hole as well, and I was gratified to learn that we had just a bit of the Callahan touch to […]


It was after Thanksgiving and barely December when I finally asked Mikhel about whether Floggin’ Brews was going to be decorated for the holidays. “I haven’t discussed it with Boss.  What do you think?” I hadn’t expected to be consulted, but I always have opinions.  “I think it would be great.  It’s so dark outside, […]

Coming Out

It’s never too busy on a Tuesday evening, so I noticed Rick as soon as he walked in the door. Rick had been a fellow server at Bibi’s, the bar I worked at before I found Floggin’ Brews. Or maybe Floggin’ Brews found me. “Rick! Pull up a chair and tell me how you’ve been!” […]

Boss vs. Brita

It got to the point where I trusted Brita enough to give her a little leeway in terms of work hours. As long as she didn’t miss any classtime, and Floggin’ Brews was cleaned up in time for customers (and during customers), Brita was allowed to work hours that worked best for her. So I […]

Beverage Mysteries

Mysteries have always nagged at me – I want an explanation, not just an unanswered question. Floggin’ Brews’ distributor is a mysterious character. Let’s just call them “they” – I am not sure if the person is male or female and I’ve never spoken with them. They don’t usually come when I’m around. Usually, I […]

Enter Fog

Brita worked a few hours every Sunday and Monday evening.  Mostly she helped clean the place:  sweeping, mopping, organizing the recycling, taking the trash out to the dumpster, that kind of thing.  Mikhel had spoken to her caseworker and assured him that Brita’s job did not involve anything that might be considered morally questionable, so […]

White Male Tears

There was a new bottle among the liqueurs behind the bar. It appeared to be crystal and had a fancy stopper shaped like a water drop. The label was hand-lettered and read “White Male Tears.” “Where did this come from? It’s a joke, right?” I turned to Mikhel, truly puzzled. We have a lot of […]


I enjoy Halloween, although not nearly as much as some of my regulars. Take Fannie, for instance. (She’d likely like it, to be frank.) == We have some of the usual sorts of seasonal stuff at Floggin’ Brews. I do not tolerate cobwebs in my place, and Boss won’t abide the fake polyester kind that […]


The goodies I ordered online the other day came in, so of course I had to put one on before I came in for the evening shift. Floggin’ Brews was lively that night, with most seats occupied –not bad for a Thursday evening. Ret was behind the bar chatting up a small group. I waved […]