May Day, Part 2

I’ve never been happier to see someone walk around a corner than when Mikhel finally arrived at the reopening of Floggin’ Brews. Boss ran around the corner first and, uncharacteristically, jumped into my arms when I, not uncharacteristically, held them out. I told Her “I missed You too” as I gave Her a big hug. […]


It felt good to stop in at Floggin’ Brews today.  The sun was shining, temperatures are getting warmer, and we’re a month out from reopening the place.  It’s been quite a year.  I’d asked Brita and Mercy to join me for an afternoon of cleaning, in anticipation of Opening Day.  Brita bounced in the back […]

Risky Business

My skills with a computer were not very robust, so I decided to pony up enough money for a website / software package that would let me connect people during the pandemic shutdown.  It was designed originally for political campaigns, and I figured keeping the kink community together was pretty much the same.   The features […]

“So does this mean we’re breaking up?”

The coronavirus shutdown was going to be hard on everyone.  Except maybe Boss.  Cats can stand solitude.  But even Boss seemed subdued and out of sorts when we heard that Floggin’ Brews was going to have to close for the foreseeable future. Brita heard about it during one of her work shifts, and seemed more […]


Mikhel had been gone almost four weeks when the rumors about Floggin’ Brews started.  I’d heard through Aunt Grete and a terse email from Mikhel himself that it would probably be a couple more weeks before his return from Estonia.  I still didn’t know exactly what he was doing there, but I figured I’d find […]

Stepping Up

“You’re going to be gone for how long?”  I squeaked. “A month,” said Mikhel.  “Maybe more, if things don’t go as planned.”  He paused a moment.  “Actually, that’s likely.  So, at least a month.”  When Mikhel told me he was going to Estonia for a while to “take care of some family matters,” it took […]

Complaint Department

Dahlia and Edmund were a couple like many other newbie couples.  Each of them had been in the community a relatively short time, and if you knew what to look for, it showed.  And I actually don’t mean that in a bad way – everyone is new at some point.  New people brought new ideas […]

Happy Brita-Day!

It was the middle of a Sunday afternoon, and it was raining.  Business at Floggin’ Brews would pick up later in the day, but for now the mid-day munch crowd had cleared and there were just a handful of patrons. Mikhel was in the basement with the kegs and I was at the taps, changing […]

Family Mysteries

It was early afternoon on Sunday and Floggin’ Brews was pretty quiet.  It was the fifth Sunday of the month, so there weren’t any munches scheduled.  And we don’t serve food, so we don’t get much of a lunch crowd, especially on Sundays.  But a few people usually wander in after lunch to enjoy a […]

Stopping By the Bar On a Snowy Evening

T.S. Eliot declared that “April is the cruelest month,” but he never lived through a Minnesota winter.  January is the cruelest, hands down, because you know that spring is still so far away.  And because things tend to break when it gets really cold or really snowy.  Things like the electrical grid. It was snowing […]