The first party

It was Saturday afternoon, and we’d had a good first week at Floggin’ Brews. We’d had a fair crowd for weekdays, and (more importantly) a number of repeat customers. Some of them brought friends, and that’s the best kind of customer. EARLY got back to me the day after the munch and asked about renting […]

Signs of things to come

The rest of the afternoon was quiet. One fella came in for a short beer (he asked for something light, and the Spotted Cow surprised him), but then the sign delivery folks showed up. The sign over the door was a temporary one, and now I had the real one. The hardware to hang it […]

The first day

I expected it to be slow the first day, and my expectations were fully met. The only customer I had all morning was Boss, and I served up what She ordered — a taste of cream in Her bowl and a short scritch behind Her right ear. She was still busy exploring the locker rooms […]