The first party

It was Saturday afternoon, and we’d had a good first week at Floggin’ Brews. We’d had a fair crowd for weekdays, and (more importantly) a number of repeat customers. Some of them brought friends, and that’s the best kind of customer.

EARLY got back to me the day after the munch and asked about renting the Theatre for a party tonight. They kept the location to invitees only at my request; I want to enjoy the first party for FB without having to grow eyes in the back of my head.

I warned Ret that we’d be busy when the party first started, and that I had a few rules about the Theatre:

  1. Absolutely nothing alcoholic goes back into the Theatre, period. Don’t ask.
  2. Party goers get beer/cider only, and they get short glasses prior to play.
  3. When someone calls for their second, they’re told they can sit out for awhile.
  4. Ret could go back and play if she wanted. I will tend bar all evening.

EARLY didn’t disappoint me. Their moderators rotated door duty, invitees knew the routine (street legal when you walk in, changing rooms at the back of the Theatre, no one in the bar or loft unless properly dressed, all bags in lockers until needed).

The partygoers handled themselves admirably, and it wasn’t painfully obvious as to why they were there. I blocked off the front entrance to the loft, and the partygoers were warned that taking the back way (through the Theatre) to the loft required street legal clothing. I had put a couple of comfy couches up there, which were mostly used for aftercare and cuddling.

When Tori and Kohm came in, I gave ’em big hugs; they’re family.

“Hey, we’re doing a really cool scene tonight. Do you want to come watch?” Tori asked.

“T, I am on full duty for the first party, so I will be busy.”

Tori gave me one of her sultry looks. “I’d be glad to do it again for a . . . private audience.”

Nothing subtle about that woman, which is a reason why I love her. “That’s a date. Hey, you two, meet Ret. She’s new, and is working with me. She might want to see what you’re doing.”

Ret got a hug from both of them, and I could see a little spark in Kohm’s eyes. Yeah, they’ll get along pretty well.


We had a very good night, with only one small shadow falling across it. Tall came back, wearing shades. Idiot! it’s nighttime. Are you trying to be obvious? The date was someone who wasn’t Short, but was equally young. They got in during a rush, so I didn’t catch them at the door. I first noticed them trying to get up into the loft, but the chain across the entrance requires someone with an IQ higher than 60 to open it, so of course he didn’t manage.

Boss caught sight of him about the same time I did, and I caught up with them about the time they were turned away at the Theatre entrance by one of the EARLY mods.

“HEY there, Mr. Richard Grayson of 2343 Lockwood Avenue, apartment 4!” I bellowed loudly enough for the entire bar to hear. “How are you doing?” I put one arm around him and squeezed his bicep far more than is comfortable for him. I got close to his ear and murmured, “Do you want to walk out of here, or would you rather be helped out? I got plenty of help here for that last.”

“Why’d you call me Richard Grayson?? That’s not my name.”

“No, it isn’t. Would you rather I out you to the entire bar, along with your intentions with your date? So, walk or be helped?”

He walked. Pity.

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