Boss vs. Brita

It got to the point where I trusted Brita enough to give her a little leeway in terms of work hours. As long as she didn’t miss any classtime, and Floggin’ Brews was cleaned up in time for customers (and during customers), Brita was allowed to work hours that worked best for her. So I […]


I enjoy Halloween, although not nearly as much as some of my regulars. Take Fannie, for instance. (She’d likely like it, to be frank.) == We have some of the usual sorts of seasonal stuff at Floggin’ Brews. I do not tolerate cobwebs in my place, and Boss won’t abide the fake polyester kind that […]


The goodies I ordered online the other day came in, so of course I had to put one on before I came in for the evening shift. Floggin’ Brews was lively that night, with most seats occupied –not bad for a Thursday evening. Ret was behind the bar chatting up a small group. I waved […]


I didn’t tell Ret about the early-morning event I organized last Sunday. It was a private party, but it is not the type that really needs a bartender. When I got to FB at 7 a.m. there were already two folks waiting at the door. It was cold and rainy, and I felt badly that […]

This is what the hell we do.

As I’ve mentioned before, the kink community is like every other social matrix; it has good people in it, and it also has not-so-good people. The kink community is more vulnerable than most to those not-so-good people, because they can get at you in more intrusive, hurtful ways. == It was just before the local […]

One step ahead of the (male) curve

Every community has its less desirable members. Got a noisy neighbor, obnoxiously drunk uncle, or a co-worker whose physical presence is no better than rubbing your tongue on a cheese grater? The kink community is no different. The problem there is that some non-desirables are worse than just annoying. == It was a busy Saturday […]

The Poetry Slam, Part 3

I took another full tray of Jägerbrews to the Theater door, and listened carefully to figure out if it was safe to enter. Nothing. I opened the door carefully, and quickly found out how good the soundproofing was. There was yelling, and the sounds of splintering wood and broken furniture, and howls of delight and pain. […]

Old Dog, New Tricks

I admit that I can be set in my ways. My father was a Marine, and I spent a lot of childhood during the ’50s and ’60s in the American south, so I had a conservative upbringing, which I got over when I grew up. When I got interested in kink and open relationships, both […]

Game of Cats

Ret came in to open the bar, and found me and Boss both staring at a chess board, mid-game. She didn’t say anything, but stood and stared at us. The silence grew thick. I finally muttered, “What’s up?” without looking up. “Nothing.” She kept watching us. After several beats: “I’m playing someone online, and we […]