The first day

I expected it to be slow the first day, and my expectations were fully met. The only customer I had all morning was Boss, and I served up what She ordered — a taste of cream in Her bowl and a short scritch behind Her right ear. She was still busy exploring the locker rooms and the second story loft.

After lunch a couple came in — curiosity finally beckoned hard enough to draw someone in. “Hey, folks, c’mon in and have a seat.” I turned on the #2 video feed — a list of beers currently on tap, and echoed on the tablets I had anchored at the tables and at the bar. The liquor advertised itself in bottles along the wall.

The short one of the pair made themselves right at home, while the taller one did a slow 360 taking everything in. I waited patiently — patience I got. (I keep a crate of it behind the bar.) Eventually they were both seated at the bar and were looking over the beer list. I wiped down a bartop that didn’t really need it.

“Tell me about this place,” asked the tall one.

“Well, we serve beer, cider, and liquor. We have little munchy things in bowls scattered around, and I do not object if someone brings in something they want to eat so long as they clean up after themselves. We have a loft for those who like it a little quieter. You get your preference here at the bar and then you can find a place to sit that suits you.”

“I hear you have a . . . back room.”

The way it was said made it sound like a dirty secret. This one doesn’t need to know. “Yeah, well, some day maybe, but not today.” I wasn’t so sure about the partner, though. More thoughtful and more relaxed. Short was a maybe.

They ordered (Tall wanted a Miller Lite, which confirmed my suspicions, but Short asked about Spotted Cow, which also confirmed my suspicions) and found a table to sit at. I modified the playlist a little to make it conducive to lingering for a bit.

I’d have to get Boss to approve these two, but I think I pretty much knew already.

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