Scene Work

Tori and Kohm were both handy with rope. And floggers. And canes, and whips, and other impact implements. But mostly, Tori and Kohm liked things that go “zap” – specifically, violet wands and E-stim units.

I first saw them do a scene at the EARLY party. They were creative, I’ll give them that. The scene involved hooking up diodes to the bottom’s fingers and toes. And other more sensitive areas. A twitch of the finger, a curl of the toe, and ZAP! you’d give yourself a shock in addition to whatever Kohm or Tori were doing to you.

Tori and Kohm’s bottom was a sardonic slip of a guy who went by the name ResistAnt. He was about forty and I had the impression he knew he was kinky from age 5. He certainly had a kid’s enthusiasm for it; he was all smiles as Kohm started attaching clips and things.

At Mikhel’s suggestion, I’d taken a break from the bar to watch this scene. I settled down on a bench to enjoy the action and get a feel for the people in this group. There were a couple other scenes going on, one involving a wide variety of floggers and a wiggly bottom, and another where the bottom was dressed as a school girl and loudly enjoying having her feet smacked with a ruler. A few people, like me, were quietly observing. Beneath it all, some hard rock music with a steady beat.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a decent party. Wonder if there’s anyone here I’d play with?

Tori and Kohm started tying up ResistAnt to a cross in the corner, but were having some discussion about whether he should be face-forward or not.

“Neither,” I said without thinking. “Oh, excuse me, never mind.”

Bad manners! Never interfere with someone’s scene. I can’t believe I said that out loud.

Tori gave me a quick look. “You’ve got an idea? What, he should be sideways?”

“No, actually, I was thinking you could use that spanking bench. Have him sit on it, like a piano bench, with his hands hanging over the edge. . . .”

“And that would make it harder for him to hold his fingers still.” Kohm finished my sentence. “I like the way you think.”

Tori checked in with ResistAnt, who was more than happy to adjust the scene. They got him strapped down to the bench and went to work. As the scene progressed, a few more people wandered over to watch. Kohm and Tori showed off a little bit, trying to make ResistAnt “play” the piano part to Bennie and the Jets. There was a fair amount of hooting and hollering on everyone’s part, and when the scene was done, Resistant looked dazed but happy. Tori took him off to the loft for a little aftercare as Kohm put the gear away and wiped off the bench.

“Thanks for the idea,” Kohm said as he finished cleaning up. “That was fun. Do you do E-stim too?”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve played with electrical,” I admitted. “You two are a little rich for my blood there. But it was a really fun scene to watch.”

“What are you into?”

Now that’s a good question. “Flogging, impact play. Some rope, though not suspension.”

“Top? Bottom?”


“So lots of possibilities.” Kohm smiled. “Maybe we can do a scene sometime.”

“Maybe we can,” I smiled back.

I hadn’t decided if I wanted to swim in Floggin’ Brews’ pond as far as play went. Certainly not the first night. But I met a few folks, watched some decent scenes, and counted the evening a success.

I worked the bar for a while so Mikhel had a chance to check out the action in the Theatre. He seemed pretty pleased when he returned.

So did Boss. I’d wondered how She would react to the activity and noise of the party (though you couldn’t hear a darned thing with the Theatre doors closed), but She seemed right at home. I’d seen Her wandering through the Theatre, checking out the people (but pretty much ignoring the scenes), and then slipping up the back stairs to the loft. Later, while I was working, Boss sat regally on the far end of the bar and seemed almost to be smiling.

The next day, I found a message for me tacked to the bulletin board in the Office. “Ret, call us – we have an idea for a scene but need some suggestions. Tori & Kohm.”

I called the number on the note. Tori answered, and explained the situation: they had a friend with an upcoming birthday who was looking for a really memorable scene. They had some things that needed to be included (such as someone in a utility lineman uniform), but wondered if I could help them put the pieces together. I told them I’d be happy to discuss it with them, and they agreed to stop in at the end of my shift.

A utility lineman? Whatever does it for you, I guess.

Tori & Kohm showed up right on time, and we headed back to a booth for a chat over a beer. I was enjoying Tears of My Enemies – maybe not the best beer Ale Asylum’s ever made, but certainly the best name.

Bev, their birthday friend, had a thing for guys with bucket trucks and electrical gear, and was also into foot worship. She was turning 40 and wanted an experience that she could possibly regret, and Kohm and Tori were determined to give her one. We put our heads together and came up with a plot that included a mock “kidnapping” by Bev’s partner, Red; being tied to a utility pole and flogged by Red and Kohm wearing a yellow hazard vest, boots, and not much else; and ending with her being required to lick Red’s boots and feet while having her hands tied behind her with the boots’ leather laces. Then Red would return the favor. In between, Bev would be introduced to lots of clips and wires, and I suggested that Tori using a violet wand while Bev was blindfolded might give some punch to the utility-guy experience. Unfortunately, no one we knew had access to a bucket truck, but there was the possibility of adding a Bobcat.

“Thanks, Ret!” Kohm finished his Sweet Child of Vine and set down the glass. “Bev will love this. Do you want to be there?”

“Only if Bev doesn’t mind. I’d like to meet her first. And Red.”

Tori nodded. “That’s a good idea. We’ll bring them in for a drink sometime soon, but you can’t tell her what we’re up to.”

“Wouldn’t think of it,” I said. I have my professional standards.

Tori gathered her notes. “Thanks again, this is going to be the best scene ever! We wouldn’t have thought of half of this stuff without you.”

I smiled. “Let’s just say it’s a community effort.”

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