The Poetry Slam, Part 4

I don’t know who Mikhel hired to soundproof the Theatre, but they clearly knew what they were doing. The noise level from the Poetry Slam was either nonexistent (door closed) or deafening (door cracked open). Mikhel ran drinks back and forth to the Theatre. I mostly stayed at the bar, which truthfully was pretty quiet. […]

The Poetry Slam, Part 2

“Pour another round. And remember. . . “ “Yes.” “Don’t get any on your hands.” Mikhel looked dead serious. I wasn’t sure what was in this Jägerbrew stuff, but after carefully filling the metal cups for the second round, I grabbed a pair of rubber gloves I use while cleaning, and pulled them on. Better […]

Scene Work

Tori and Kohm were both handy with rope. And floggers. And canes, and whips, and other impact implements. But mostly, Tori and Kohm liked things that go “zap” – specifically, violet wands and E-stim units. I first saw them do a scene at the EARLY party. They were creative, I’ll give them that. The scene […]

Falling Into Place

It was around 5:30 on a Wednesday, and Floggin’ Brews was already moderately busy. I was taking care of the far end of the bar, with Mikhel closer to the door. A guy in his mid-thirties came in with five or six contemporaries, and they huddled over the beer list near Mikhel. I didn’t pay […]