Enter Fog

Brita worked a few hours every Sunday and Monday evening.  Mostly she helped clean the place:  sweeping, mopping, organizing the recycling, taking the trash out to the dumpster, that kind of thing.  Mikhel had spoken to her caseworker and assured him that Brita’s job did not involve anything that might be considered morally questionable, so […]

White Male Tears

There was a new bottle among the liqueurs behind the bar. It appeared to be crystal and had a fancy stopper shaped like a water drop. The label was hand-lettered and read “White Male Tears.” “Where did this come from? It’s a joke, right?” I turned to Mikhel, truly puzzled. We have a lot of […]

One step ahead of the (male) curve

Every community has its less desirable members. Got a noisy neighbor, obnoxiously drunk uncle, or a co-worker whose physical presence is no better than rubbing your tongue on a cheese grater? The kink community is no different. The problem there is that some non-desirables are worse than just annoying. == It was a busy Saturday […]