May Day

Part 1 May 1st was a warm spring day, with plenty of sunshine. With so many things having gone wrong in the previous 16 months, the day felt like maybe a harbinger of better things to come. I was awake before dawn; my bout of COVID did not kill my circadian urges. I had not […]


It felt good to stop in at Floggin’ Brews today.  The sun was shining, temperatures are getting warmer, and we’re a month out from reopening the place.  It’s been quite a year.  I’d asked Brita and Mercy to join me for an afternoon of cleaning, in anticipation of Opening Day.  Brita bounced in the back […]

The best is yet to come

This is Grete Kask. I am Mikhel’s aunt (his mother is my sister), and I want to update everyone as to what is happening. First, the bad news: Flogging Brews closed, due to a combination of situations that culminated in Mikhel’s having to lock the doors of the bar. (Most of you, I am sure, […]