The best is yet to come

This is Grete Kask. I am Mikhel’s aunt (his mother is my sister), and I want to update everyone as to what is happening.

First, the bad news: Flogging Brews closed, due to a combination of situations that culminated in Mikhel’s having to lock the doors of the bar. (Most of you, I am sure, already figured this one out.) The pandemic situation was bad enough, but the reduced revenue along with state regulations forced closure. Everyone was heartbroken, of course — myself not the least. Flogging Brews is not just a good bar with great selection, it is a home to those who wanted or needed one. Mikhel and I did manage to gather enough money to keep the lease paid, and enough extra to pay the staff something as well.

The rest of the bad news: Mikhel came down with COVID, and got a pretty bad case of it. He was briefly on a respirator, but the Fates willing he got through it well enough. He is still recovering, and makes good progress. The medical help was invaluable of course, but even if I do say so myself my chicken soup doesn’t hurt things a bit.

Now, the good news: Boss is fine (miffed at the loss of the bar, but fine nonetheless). Mercy, Britt, Ret, and the rest of the crew are well. And the best news of all: Flogging Brews will be reopening soon, with the same selections, the same shining faces, and the same community activities it has always hosted. Mikhel and the staff purposely did not open the bar as soon as was possible (for obvious reasons), and I think the business will be the better for it. The community that attends events has not started in-person social events yet (again, for obvious reasons), but we have let the word out that when they are ready we shall be ready as well.

When we open, there will of course be a celebration. Someone named . . . Nick? . . . has promised to camp on the curb outside Flogging Brews with a food truck for as long as the city doesn’t object. I understand he makes good food.

I hope everyone out there is keeping well, and keeping safe. Wear the masks, dammit, and keep that distance. We are almost through this, and with a bit more patience the healing will begin.

Blessed Be.

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