Stopping By the Bar On a Snowy Evening

T.S. Eliot declared that “April is the cruelest month,” but he never lived through a Minnesota winter.  January is the cruelest, hands down, because you know that spring is still so far away.  And because things tend to break when it gets really cold or really snowy.  Things like the electrical grid. It was snowing […]

Coming Out

It’s never too busy on a Tuesday evening, so I noticed Rick as soon as he walked in the door. Rick had been a fellow server at Bibi’s, the bar I worked at before I found Floggin’ Brews. Or maybe Floggin’ Brews found me. “Rick! Pull up a chair and tell me how you’ve been!” […]

Speaking Up

Things were always a little more crazy on party nights.  It makes sense:  kinksters were there to have some fun that they couldn’t find elsewhere.  Some of them were there to find new things or new folks to have fun with, so most parties had a vibe where some experimentation was welcome. The kink community […]

Custom Job

“I’m just tired of falling for them harder than they fall for me,” Indi told me. “I know exactly how you feel.”  I said.  “But the reverse isn’t a lot of fun either.” It was a Saturday night and the AMUSE party was going full-tilt in the Theatre.   Although the bar proper was technically open […]