Boss vs. Brita

It got to the point where I trusted Brita enough to give her a little leeway in terms of work hours. As long as she didn’t miss any classtime, and Floggin’ Brews was cleaned up in time for customers (and during customers), Brita was allowed to work hours that worked best for her. So I […]

White Male Tears

There was a new bottle among the liqueurs behind the bar. It appeared to be crystal and had a fancy stopper shaped like a water drop. The label was hand-lettered and read “White Male Tears.” “Where did this come from? It’s a joke, right?” I turned to Mikhel, truly puzzled. We have a lot of […]


The goodies I ordered online the other day came in, so of course I had to put one on before I came in for the evening shift. Floggin’ Brews was lively that night, with most seats occupied –not bad for a Thursday evening. Ret was behind the bar chatting up a small group. I waved […]

Old Dog, New Tricks

I admit that I can be set in my ways. My father was a Marine, and I spent a lot of childhood during the ’50s and ’60s in the American south, so I had a conservative upbringing, which I got over when I grew up. When I got interested in kink and open relationships, both […]

With Pronouns for All

Floggin’ Brews is an inclusive place, or at least as much as possible for a place frequented by actual human beings. But we make an effort to make sure all our guests feel welcomed and safe. That included the trans community, of course, which is a group I particularly respect for their unique expressions of […]