I enjoy Halloween, although not nearly as much as some of my regulars. Take Fannie, for instance. (She’d likely like it, to be frank.) == We have some of the usual sorts of seasonal stuff at Floggin’ Brews. I do not tolerate cobwebs in my place, and Boss won’t abide the fake polyester kind that […]

Lost & Found

It had been a long and rainy Sunday at Floggin’ Brews – one of those days when people wanted to hunker down and watch the football game, or go somewhere that served hot food.   The guests who made an appearance ordered more than usual from the Thai restaurant around the block, and most of them […]


I didn’t tell Ret about the early-morning event I organized last Sunday. It was a private party, but it is not the type that really needs a bartender. When I got to FB at 7 a.m. there were already two folks waiting at the door. It was cold and rainy, and I felt badly that […]

Game of Cats

Ret came in to open the bar, and found me and Boss both staring at a chess board, mid-game. She didn’t say anything, but stood and stared at us. The silence grew thick. I finally muttered, “What’s up?” without looking up. “Nothing.” She kept watching us. After several beats: “I’m playing someone online, and we […]